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Avanza la ferrovia che unirà le due coste degli Stati Uniti. Nel campionario umano composto da fuorilegge, avventurieri e ambiziosi uomini d’affari, emergono le figure di un meticcio, che insegue l’uomo che gli ha ucciso il padre, e di una giovane vedova, che rappresenterà il futuro di una società che cancella per sempre i suoi eroi. Questa la succinta trama di un film che ne ha più di una.

Fortunately, quite a few bloggers have taken the initiative to offer targeted suggestions. Liz Burns from A Chair, A Fireplace A Tea Cozy has a post in which she’s keeping track of other people’s gift giving ideas (mostly books). You’ll find lots of links there..

Credo di non aver spoilerato niente. Una vn leggera giusto per perdere tempo. Gli archi delle tre ragazze non mi hanno entusiasmato più di tanto (insomma un po’ di noia). Dear Mr. You have given us the courage, through your guests, and your essays, to form our own progressive groups, to bring our country back, from the corporate ownership that we have endured, for far too many years. I wish you the very best in your retirement, {although we know you’ll never fully retire}, and very glad that we can still connect with you, on your website.

This master dissertation aims to verify the influence of the Arabic philosopher Avicenna who is generally considered as a priviledged source in the formulation of the above mentioned doctrines. After showing the main features characterising these theories, first in Thomas Aquinas, then in the Avicenna’s Metaphysics, attempts have been made to asses the relevance of Avicenna both from a “quantitative” and a “qualitative” point of view. With regard to creation, Avicenna certainly represents the most important source for Thomas Aquinas.

Times, Sunday Times (2015)It went so far up the neck the horse could have worn it for a tie. The Sun (2013)The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Times, Sunday Times (2014)He was value for further than the neck winning distance here three weeks ago.

John Foot Calcio: A History of Italian Football (2006)They were an orange flame colour with an outer ring that glowed. The Sun (2009)What is humankind but a knot of flames burning with nostalgia for the infinite? Zindell, David The Broken God (1993)Put your stock on the stove over a hot flame. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Now her daughter is carrying the flame.

La verità è che l’ispirazione può nascere nel quotidiano e dal quotidiano, sempre che la nostra antenna interiore sia accesa (ne parlavo anche qui). In certi giorni è spenta, ed accenderla è un bello sforzo. E poi, non sono così diffusi i blog di racconti.

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