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Di più: Vorrei che gli italiani formassero comitati oggi, per sapere se le scuole dove ogni mattina accompagnano i loro figli sono costruite secondo norme antisismiche. Che chiedessero se le Case dello studente sono sicure a Campobasso, a Caserta, a Reggio e a Messina. Prima che un ponte unisca due mucchi di macerie.

Xintiandi may be unique because redevelopment in this case is connected to historical protection. Almost 3,000 families living in this area of the former French concession had to be relocated. They seem to have been well compensated. Again, devils and details. But it wasn’t just De Gea’s uncharacteristic error; it was the way Ronaldo thundered up the pitch when Pepe booted it forward from the back, sniffing, anticipating and sensing that Guedes, who received the clearance, would find a way to lay it off. When it came, Ronaldo was ready, and while ordinarily De Gea saves that holding two ice cream cones and wearing a bucket on his head, in this case he did not.

Se il tenore generale è calato così vistosamente mentre il suo si è mantenuto ad alti livelli, era impossibile non celebrarla con tutti gli onori del caso. Discorso analogo merita King Creosote, che in ambito folk cantautoriale si conferma una solida certezza. Poi nel mucchio ecco qualche perla garage revival (Cool Ghouls per iljangle pop, The Conquerors per il power pop), stelle del pop al femminile più (l Olympia) o meno esordienti (la sempre efficacissima Angel Olsen) e stelle del pop al maschile più (il gioiellino Roar) o meno esordienti (Lawrence Arabia, che all del mito Harry Nilsson migliora di anno in anno)..

Chris Marsom who sang this to me had many tales to tell of the reception the Mayers had from some of the ladies who were strangers to the village and became apprehensive at the approach of a body of men to their cottage after midnight on May Eve. Carthy Dave Swarbrickfrom It There 1995, (track 2 May Song)Martin Carthy writes in the sleeve notes Song came from a Cynthia Gooding record which I lost 16 years ago, words stuck in my head. (from II to VIII)Questo sito non rappresenta una testata giornalistica e viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità e senza fini di lucro.

It’s impossible to ignore all the evidence of the desperate situation that tens of millions of people in the US, disproportionally people of color, women and children, and immigrants face. One can blame this on some sort of deficiency of the bottom 20 percent (blaming the victim). Or one can look at who live lives of vast wealth and power, and make the rules so they can stay on top, despite nearly bringing down the whole house.

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