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Times, Sunday Times (2017)What is the next big thing in ice? Times, Sunday Times (2016)There will also be fewer airline seats available next year. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The deadline is close of play next Friday. Times, Sunday Times (2016)So if you buy a house next to a restaurant or a pub, accept that there will be some sounds.

Ad esempio, gli Space Marine agiscono attraverso lanci orbitali e attacchi spaziali, confermando grande resistenza per via delle possenti armature di cui sono dotati i soldati. Gli Orki, invece, usano strutture metalliche arrangiate per difendersi e sono molto forti nel combattimento ravvicinato. La Guardia Imperiale, al contrario, eccelle negli attacchi dalla distanza con le sue efficaci unità di artiglieria.

Times, Sunday Times (2009)It enables people to do more, to be more independent. Times, Sunday Times (2015)This new relationship should enable us to trade freely with the rest of Europe. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The meters will enable power companies to improve energy efficiency by introducing off peak deals.

Di sicuro c che, indossandoli, non si corre il rischio di sentire la fastidiosa sabbia infilarsi negli slip. E di buono, invece, che si asciugano in un batter d Con un po d si potrebbe pure dire che chiunque potrebbe improvvisarsi sarta per realizzare fai da te un costume di questo tipo. Almeno su questo non c discussione.

Io avevo gli occhi lucidi. Dicevo, non ce la faccio. E a quel punto, la mazzata. I came on a Sunday at 11AM with three friends, with my mother and her friends at a nearby table. (My mom picked up the check, which was very generous we were only eating at the same restaurant for transportation purposes, as our next stop was the airport.) The reservation system was a little silly, in that I tried to make my reservation when my mom made hers, and the hostess told me to hang up and call again even though I was sitting right next to my mom, I mean how inefficient and bone stupid is that? Anyway, a few of us arrived a little early and waited for our friend at the bar. It was a beautiful, well stocked bar with a friendly bartender.

“Potatoes, chorizo and peppers. My mother in law gets it all for free, and she eats nothing else. She gets a sack of potatoes delivered every other week, a dozen peppers, and there are chorizos hanging up everywhere at her place.There was something I didn’t understand here.”Look”, I reasoned, “if she’s got so much money, how come she always eats the same thing? And, don’t you get any kickback? I mean, it’s got to be a good thing to have a rich mother in law, hasn’t it?”The Sergeant looked over at me half in sorrow, half in pity.

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